Annoying Things About Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner

We get it, Adrien Broner has a massive potential to become the next Floyd Mayweather. His records show that he has won 27 fights and he hasn’t lost yet. His records also show that out of 27 fights, he won 22 of them by knockout. It’s not bad, for a 140lbs guy. However, there are just a couple of things about him that will definitely annoy you. If you want to know what these are, continue reading this post.


Just like Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner is also a trash talker. He could be even worse than Floyd. If you have been a fan of Broner, then you probably knew all the issues he had with his opponents before and after his fights. It’s okay to trash talk opponents before the fight but after the fight, it should be over. But in Broner’s case, he had several post-boxing fights with Rees and Maidana. He also waged war on Mathysse on his tweet, dated August 1, of this year.


There was a youtube video showing how Adrien Broner throwing his $100 bills on the floor. This was right after he tore and flushed his $20 bills down the toilet. He even said that he doesn’t keep these bills. This video caught many people’s attention. In fact, it gained tons of negative comments like “that money should have gone to the homeless” or “Broner was an idiot for doing that”. Some declared that they’re no longer a Broner’s fans while some were praying that his next opponent should teach him a lesson.


There was a time when Broner was being interviewed after he won his fight with Escobedo when he called his girlfriend, Arie Nicole, into the ring. After Arie Nicole was already on the ring, Adrien Broner got down on his knee and asked her “will you… brush my hair?” The next day, Arie Nicole left him after she became the butt of a very public joke. Broner then tweeted “don’t leave me and get mad when I broadcast it lol at the end of the day everybody know me they will eventually forget about you!!!” This tweet gave other people the impression that the joke wasn’t entirely just for show.

These are just three of the annoying things about Adrien Broner. While these can be annoying for some people, others think that they are just tolerable. Mayweather is also a trash talker but the difference between Mayweather and Broner when it comes to trash talking is that Broner does too much of it. Mayweather once said that it’s okay to trash talk before the fight but once the fight is over, they should be humble. This is one thing that Broner isn’t good at.

These may be annoying, but we shouldn’t be judging him because of these. Broner is a great boxer. He is 23 years young and he has so much time to grow. Who knows maybe next year he won’t be as annoying as he is today.


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Basic Boxing Tips

boxing tips

If you’re an aspiring boxer, it is important for you to learn the different things about it before you go and jump into the ring and start boxing. Below are the different boxing tips that you need to know to help you improve your training, punching, as well as your defense.

Punching boxing tips:

You need to turn your body into the punch. This means that if your feet are slow, then punching a little slower will make the greater impact compared to when you punch faster. Therefore, you should punch as fast as your body can turn so that you won’t be sacrificing power.

Also, you should throw short hooks, short uppercuts and short rights but long jabs.

You shouldn’t always throw one knockout punch after another. You can make combo light and hard punches and you can use head movement for you to fake out your opponent. The harder you try, the harder they will counter. Remember that.

Don’t forget to go to the body and try a head jab. When you’re really close, you can lean your head inside to smother your opponent.

Throwing 3-5 combo punches

Don’t forget to breathe when you punch.

Training boxing tips:

Always stay calm and punch lighter on the bag. That way, you will last more rounds and will keep your form together.

Don’t overwork yourself. It’s okay to get tired. Just break a sweat and push yourself a little more every day but don’t go overboard. If you overwork every day, you’ll probably quit boxing very, very soon.

Always drink water when you train. It would be best if you drink one cup of glass every hour, at least.

When you train, it’s good to make friends in the gym and ask people for boxing tips. When another boxer beats you, ask him for tips and know how he did it. You might just be surprised at how helpful his tips are at showing you what your weaknesses are.

Defense boxing tips:

Always stay calm and don’t stop breathing. If you begin to panic, just ask the other guy to slow down a bit so that your mind and body will be able to catch up.

Make sure to hold your hands high, your elbows low, and move your head when defending yourself.

Do not waste your energy by running around the ring. Take one step and then pivot out of the way if your opponent is very aggressive. Try to think of yourself as a matador trying to pivot out of the way as the bull misses. Hit your opponent back.

Never lean back and do not take your eyes off the opponent when you take punches. When you’re defending yourself, build your ground and defend it by making hard counters. Pivot in such a way that you won’t get countered.

Lastly, don’t wait for the opponent to finish his punch before you start punching back. You should interrupt his combos and then hit him. Too many quick boxers get caught up because they try to block all the oncoming punches that they forget to counter them. Just let your hands go.

I hope these boxing tips were able to help you. You don’t always have to follow these. You should also discover some techniques on how you can become a good boxer.


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Why Adrien Broner Is Not The Future Of Boxing | Adrien Broner boxer

Adrien Broner boxer

Have you seen a boxer who is more overhyped than Adrien Broner boxer? You might not probably have. Broner may have the talent when it comes to boxing, but he is definitely not the future of boxing. Here are some facts why Broner is just an overhyped boxer.


A lot of people keep comparing Mayweather and Broner. Although Adrien Broner boxer keeps acting like Mayweather and although he keeps emulating Mayweather in the ring, you can’t say that the results of his fights aren’t close to Mayweather’s. Broner doesn’t have the footwork because he fights very flat-footed. Also, Broner keeps on imitating Mayweather’s shoulder roll defense. But this doesn’t work for him. That’s because he doesn’t have the reflexes to frustrate his opponent with the shoulder roll. He also has a quick right hand just like Mayweather and just like any other boxers. It’s clear to everyone that Broner has his obsession to be the next Mayweather but the sad thing is he doesn’t have originality. He’s just a bad imitation to Floyd.


During Broner’s first world title fight, he was able to defeat Vincente Rodriguez for the WBO featherweight title. But this Vincente wasn’t known by the majority. Most of the people only knew him until his fight. During his second world title fight, he was able to defeat Antonio Demarco for the WBC lightweight title. But then, Demarco was said to be handpicked because he’s a very weak champion. In the third fight, Adrien Broner boxer was able to defeat Paulie Malignaggi for WBA title even though Paulie should have won. Paulie outworked Broner and won 7 rounds but because of a split decision, Broner won.


In 2009, Adrien Broner boxer fought Fernando Quintero and he was outworked and out-jabbed but he still won. It was clear that he lost but he won because of the majority decision. In 2011, many have seen how Broner lost to Ponce de Leon by a good amount of rounds. De Leon was the one controlling and was tagging Broner but they announced Broner as the winner. Recently, in his fight with Paulie, it was clear that he lost three of the first four rounds because he was badly outworked. But Broner was given the split decision win.


Be it his no-class acts or not during the pre-fight promotion or his arrogant antics, his fans will get tire of it eventually. Boxing fans are front runners. Once Adrien Broner boxer loses a fight, his fans will leave him. Just like Mayweather, fans are waiting to see Broner lose. Look at how fast it was for the fans to forget Pacquiao’s fight when he was defeated by Marquez.

Although Adrien Broner has a massive potential and talent in boxing, he is still a small time boxer compared to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.


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